Dear Customers,

After 21 years of running California City Internet, Inc. we have decided it is time to close up shop.

We really appreciate your business and support. During this time the Internet has grown from a

curiosity to a service most of us cannot imagine living without. I never expected to

last 21 years and it has flown by quickly, I originally told Tammy we would be in business

for 5 years max... We are not going anywhere and will still be in town for the foreseeable future.

Our customer base has decreased quite a bit in the last year and our Internet Provider

(Sprint) has announced an increase in prices. So we decided it was time to take a break and enjoy

life a little bit more.

Our last day online will be April 30th, so this should give you enough time to secure a new provider

and email address. Please be sure to download any remaining email by Midnight April 30th.

Our radio equipment is obsolete and has no value, so we will not be wanting it back. You may

dispose if it as you wish.

Here are some options for Internet Service:

California City

Charter 1-866-753-2521


Boron & Desert Lakes

Race Communications

If you live in a remote area not serviced by any of the above, satellite service will be your only option.

Dish Network 800-558-9540

Hughes Net 800-873-2618


There are several free email services available. Don't forget to notify any banking and financial

web sites of your new email address. Most online web sites require a valid email address for

unlocking forgotten account passwords. works on both computers and smart phones

Again Thank You for everything!

Mark & Tammy Ross

No Longer Providing Wireless Broadband Service


Dialup Internet Access to 
Southern California.

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